Collectif Marc Matin / Ziko / FranzJosef

Mise en scène Heinz Brüls
WasserGalerie Berlin
2012 Sept 5th - Oct 5th

Showing things that almost other should have hide immedialty, more again they could judge them as desgusting, impossible etc… Our world, always more clean and hygienic, would like to cover essential issues from life. Bringing light on those things, its changing idea of what is nice and what is not. what is a good taste and what is not. What its good to say, why it’s good to be like this…

Sorry for all those that 2 guys who clearly love each other is something they don’t even think it’s possible, “Things That Stink”, as a collective artist movement that I started with putting grains in earth, is working more on fighting underground nasty ideologies than making war to bad smell from garbages in your pochy streets. Feed your  mind with “Things that Stink” is always question of a level. Where starts the “shocking” (the not acceptable). And try to push the limits. Open the sphere and not always make it smaller. It’s like proposing to discover new sensations. Its like journeys without knowing what will be the destination, just to let things happen and see. And then like them or not… “Things that stink” It’s a  having  a different vue on sexualities that are not yours. And being complices with those who are doing them. Its also have a new view on old things, and old bodies. Thinking death in a different way that people do now. Death as a part of life.