IEM PARIS 11 MAI - 4 JUIN 2017
SCHWEIN is a scent, a colour, a desire. SCHWEIN is a proposal for a walk along the footprints left by Bastille in gay erotic subculture.
Marc Martin’s photos often play with the same erotic nonchalance, the same filthy ticklishness. His work is surrounded and supported by a group of friends – dilettantti, pros, obsessives, journalists, collectors, who all wish to bring to Bastille’s oeuvre the recognition it deserves.

Scénographie David & Fred Leto-Vilain
Réalisation des installations Nicolas Michel
Conception lumières David Duriez
Atmosphère sonore Rafa Nunes
Projections & montages Marc Martin
Technique François Paulin
Coordination Jo LaChouk
Prévention ENIPSE
Production PIG-PROD & IEM